Many think of faith as merely what they believe. The greater idea is whom I believe in and how I believe in Him.

Jesus said, "unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 18:3, NIV).

He was speaking of a childlike faith in our heavenly Father. Little children are not famous for deep theological learning. What they do have is a firm confidence that Daddy loves them and will take care of them. They do not need the details of how Daddy will work things out. They simply know that he will. When he says, "Hey, let's go someplace fun", they trust Daddy to take them to a place where they'll have fun and stay safe.

The faith that we're talking about in this Faith & Peace Project is that sort of thing: the firm confidence that our heavenly Father has a good plan for us, so that we can simply follow where we hear Him leading.

We adults often have trouble with that concept. Everyday experience doesn't lead us to unquestioningly trust our human leaders. So, when we think we hear God prompting us to leave our comfort zone and do something for Him, some courage is needed. That courage comes from a deeply held faith in the goodness of God. This kind of faith is not passive, but intensely active, a source of great strength.

Peace is another misunderstood idea. We think of it as absence of war, but it is much more. A common Semitic root became shalom and salaam, respectively, for Jews and Arabs, each of whom use their word as a greeting and a blessing. Both words refer to a condition of wellbeing, a state of rightness, with people or things in good relation to each other. So yes, it's an absence of war or interpersonal strife, but the idea can also refer to physical and mental wellness, a happy relationship between husband and wife, a reconciliation of estranged peoples, even a smoothly functioning ecosystem - more generally, things going as they should. It is closely related to that "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" that the Declaration of Independence proclaims as an inalienable right of all people. This peace is active, vibrant, alive, a goal to be avidly sought.

This Faith & Peace Project tells the stories of people who have stepped out in this sort of active, childlike faith in their heavenly Father, to try to establish some sort of peace where it had been sadly missing.

We won't repeat the well-known stories. Our focus is on telling the stories that have not already been told. We'll be at this for a long time, because they are many.

Faith and Peace
Faith & Peace

"and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." (Rev. 22:2)

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Welcome to the Faith & Peace Project!

We are collecting and sharing the stories of extraordinary people who have purposefully used their lives to bring peace in divided lands or broken situations through the power of their faith in God. Scores of men and women have quietly worked in places where political and religious persecution is an everyday experience. Yet these courageous servants have set aside concerns for personal safety and labored to bring the truth of the word of God to their people. Their stories must be told! They must be told to inspire others to action, to inform the Church everywhere, and to comfort those in similar situations. 

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